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The demands on a brick-and-mor­tar store expe­ri­ence’ are con­stant­ly grow­ing, because it com­petes direct­ly with the con­ve­nient sup­ply via dig­i­tal dis­tri­b­u­tion chan­nels. But what do cus­tomers want from a brick-and-mor­tar store? Our many years of expe­ri­ence with dig­i­tal sig­nage sys­tems that play out media in image and sound on screens at the POS have extend­ed our knowledge.

We guide your cus­tomers’ shop­ping expe­ri­ences through sen­sor APIs, some­times play­ful­ly and some­times sup­por­t­ive­ly. We net­work all dig­i­tal cus­tomer touch­points for holis­tic in-house con­trol and bring togeth­er all the rel­e­vant data need­ed for this. And we offer you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to mar­ket your dis­plays for tar­get group-spe­cif­ic advertising. 

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Digital Signage Software

Our central, dynamic Content Management System - cloud-based or on-premises - to play out information, self-promotion or third-party adverts.
  • Inter­ac­tive and dynam­ic sys­tems with high lev­els of automation
  • Wayfind­ing systems
  • Dig­i­tal sig­nage net­work across locations
  • Instore ana­lyt­ics
  • DOOH
Web interface
  • Exten­sive white label tem­plates for indi­vid­ual contents
  • Cross-plat­form wid­gets such as the inclu­sion of weath­er, social media chan­nels etc.
  • Sys­tem basis designed for mul­ti­lin­gual application
  • Cre­ation of indi­vid­ual dashboards
Rights management
  • Exten­sive and pow­er­ful rights management
  • AD/​Ldap and sin­gle-sign-on integration
Media and content
  • Images, texts, videos, web­sites, PDF, PPT, music, dynam­ic data, stream­ing, RSS feeds, inter­ac­tiv­i­ty, trig­gers, and sensors
  • Syn­chro­nized screen con­tent control
  • Split-screen mod­ule
  • High­est lev­el of scal­a­bil­i­ty of the num­ber of play­ers possible
Instore Analytics
  • DSG­VO-kon­forme IoT-Sen­soren erfassen alle rel­e­van­ten Daten

  • Beispiel­sweise Peo­ple Count (Kun­den­zutritte, Geschlechter­analyse, etc.), Peo­ple Flow (Ver­weil­dauer, Wege­analyse, etc.) oder View Direction

  • Prak­tis­ches Dash­board mit allen Dat­en an einem Ort

  • Schnittstellen zu allen gängi­gen Business-Intelligence-Tools

  • Sim­ple instal­la­tion and monitoring
  • Stan­dard­ized instal­la­tion instructions
  • Com­pat­i­ble with all rel­e­vant out­put media such as dis­plays, mon­i­tors, tablets, and smart­phones through HTML5 client
  • Con­trol of play­out sys­tems as well as groups of indi­vid­ual sys­tems that can be con­fig­ured in any way
  • Screens can be oper­at­ed via smartphone
  • Process and Ser­vice Lev­el Agree­ments to ensure com­pli­ance with the broad­cast­ing quota
  • Device man­age­ment func­tions through sophis­ti­cat­ed mobile man­age­ment system
  • Address­ing retail media bud­gets: Con­nec­tion to SSPs for mar­ket­ing pro­gram­mat­ic contents
  • Auto­mat­ed mod­u­la­tion: includ­ing Pro­gram­mat­ic Adver­tis­ing, cri­te­ria selec­tion, round rob­ing, time-con­trolled blocks
Success monitoring/Reporting
  • Out­put of per­for­mance indi­ca­tors for booked cam­paigns from third par­ties (with­out personalization)
  • Inclu­sion of exist­ing data sources for cross-chan­nel report­ing and mea­sur­ing (sales) success
  • Green sig­nage focus through ener­gy sav­ing: Time man­age­ment, dis­play times, and screen control
  • Reuse of exist­ing hardware
  • Resource-sav­ing adver­tis­ing distribution

Mehrw­erte für dich

Your added value

  • Con­sul­tan­cy and ori­en­ta­tion support
  • Gen­er­at­ing cus­tomer data for recommendations
  • Tar­get-group spe­cif­ic play­out of cam­paigns – in real time
  • Increased sales and rein­forced cus­tomer loyalty
  • Increased pro­mo­tion rebate
  • New rev­enue streams in store: Turnover from third par­ty advertising
  • Process opti­miza­tion and cost savings
  • Mea­sur­ing and doc­u­ment­ing successes

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