If I go before you, I don’t know if I’m putting you on the right path.
If you walk in front of me, I don’t know if you will lead me to the right path.
If I walk beside you, we will find the right path together.

African say­ing

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Patrick Apolinarski


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Celal Basar

Software Developer


Jeanny Baumann

Customer Project Manager

Asset6335a017f41ee8 35609884

Gunna Binder


Tobi B

Tobias Bohlmann

Software Developer

Asset63359cbebd8c94 09874595

Gert Brinkmann

Software Developer

Asset636d0262b99237 69100038

Julian Cortemme

Customer Project Manager

Asset633595ea58d963 23804649

Philipp Czaika

Customer Operations Manager

Asset6335916e4334c1 48498399

Konstanze Dallmeyer

Head of Customer Empowerment FAIR

Asset63359df3d98f62 95944810

Jan Ehren

Software Developer

Asset6347d63baccf03 83059972

Felix Enning

System Administrator

Asset63359b5966cd26 82344300

Arthur Falarz

Software Developer

Asset63359d918ff9d9 25468316

Inga Fischer

Software Developer

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Katja Goosses

Director People & Organisational Development

Asset6347d8c8d54ef4 09521027

Stefan Habetz

Technical Consultant

Asset63480d45dfcaf5 26615575

Robert Hagemann

System Administrator

Asset636d02a4c78ba1 14331573

Helge Halling

Scrum Master

Asset63359bdf0cd001 41046508

Daniel Hof zum Ahaus

Software Developer

Asset636d02461bac77 86136514

Simon Jansen

Software Developer


Maike Kahmann

Software Developer

Asset6335952c528885 05245378

Magdalena Kim

Customer Operations Manager

Asset6335936c39eac9 71096613

Jasmin Klimek

Customer Project Manager

Asset636d0276f37ca7 69828607

Jürgen Kraus

Senior Sales Manager

Asset6335a0bdc94210 36552657

Patrick Kuckelsberg

Software Developer

Asset63359409d4fe64 05450668

Jörg Kunert

Customer Operations Manager

Asset63359b0d2ee7b1 59635735

Martin Lorenc

Software Developer

Asset636d02c7ad8395 98741813

Isabel Mathenia

Customer Operations Manager

Asset636d02f8c9bd85 43021466

Anna Matzinger

Customer Project Manager

Robin M

Robin Meermeyer

Software Developer


Georgi Mihov

Director Customer Empowerment


Malte Oschlies

Product Owner

Asset633594cfeeba99 30939649

Jan-Christian Ott

Customer Operations Manager

Asset63359ea5c80526 44351802

Gregor Pardella

Product Owner

Asset634929886988b0 81177855

Melina Pauli

People Manager

Asset633591b2bf1964 82433206

Michael Pohl

Technical Consultant

Asset635ba042831784 96692212

Sascha Printz

Sales Manager

Asset63480d0c7b87f9 47286273

Jörn Reder

Software Architect

Asset636d028435d1d6 89458274

Anke Reinhardt

Management Assistant

Asset63359ca93dfe44 87715375

Daniel Rubin

Software Developer

Asset6347d8b2b83697 52675535

Jana Scheufen

Customer Project Manager

Asset63359d1e859332 31828373

Eugen Schlegel

Software Developer

Asset63359a46d4afa9 75155240

Moritz Schneider

Head of Product Retail

Asset63358fd72f3087 91993040

Patrick Schröder

Director Sales RETAIL & Digital Signage

Asset635b9f7f3bbf31 19513695

Maren Seufert

Scrum Master & Process Coach

Asset63359e1212ee70 49988559

Sabine Tonn

Software Developer

Asset63359b2fdc07b3 88952351

Henrik Tonn-Eichstädt

Product Owner

Asset633597d5ed3812 56766217

Damaris von der Mark

People Manager - Recruiting & Employer Branding

Asset63359b4066a5f3 36041737

Christoph Wagner

Software Architect

Asset63359116adefc2 83034344

Henning Werth

Technical Consultant

Asset63359ebc046352 51318043

Andrea Wissen

Product Owner

Asset63358ff6c1e6d5 29306217

Marko Wöhler

Director Product & Development

And there are even more of us — cur­rent­ly the team con­sists of 65 peo­ple, of whom we unfor­tu­nate­ly could not get all of them in front of the cam­era yet.

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