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Retail Experience

From smartphone to video wall for Snipes

Founded in Essen in 1998, Snipes now has more than 400 shops in Europe and the USA. It offers the latest fashion items from the most important streetwear brands, as well as the company's own collections and collaborations. Snipes uses our kompas software throughout Europe to provide individual cont…

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Retail Experience

A central pan-European digital signage solution for XXXLutz

With a turnover of over 5 billion euros, more than 25,700 employees, over 320 furniture stores in 13 European countries, and brands such as XXXLutz, Möbelix, and Mömax, the XXXLutz Group is one of the largest furniture retailers in the world. The company relies on our kompas software solution for t…

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Retail Experience

SPAR trusts dimedis for its employees and customers

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Retail Experience

Finding paths & understanding interests at Abu Dhabi Mall